Deffner Law Firm

Practice Areas

Business Organizations

The form of business chosen for a business entity potentially affects every aspect of its operations. Our firm assists our clients in formation and business planning in deciding whether they want to operate as a closely held business, limited liability company, partnership, or corporation. We advise our clients about directors’ and officers’ liability, dissolution, reorganization, trade association membership and activity, joint ventures, business successions, and shareholder’ rights.

Business And Commercial Law

Our firm provides a wide variety of services to our business clients from assisting and selecting a type of organizational entity under which to operate (such as corporations, partnerships, LLC’s, etc.), preparation of agreements, contracts, 1031 exchanges, sale and purchase of businesses.

Recovery Litigation

We represent a wide range of financial institutions including banks, finance companies and credit unions in the recovery of security, mortgaged premises and monetary sums. We explain the collection process to our clients, assist them in making the best decision for recovery of debts due, and take all necessary and reasonable steps to maximize recovery.

Real Estate

Our firm represents both commercial clients and individuals in all proceedings and transactions that deal with real property-land and the structures attached to it-including purchase and sale, construction, 1031 exchanges, notes and mortgages, foreclosures, leases, zoning, title examinations, quiet title actions, and closings.

Lifetime, Estate Planning and Probate

Lifetime and estate planning covers many areas. Proper advance planning through durable powers of attorney and health care powers of attorney will lessen the family burden and costs in the event an individual becomes incapacitated. If a client becomes incapacitated and does not have the proper powers of attorney, our firm will assist with the necessary guardianship proceeding. We help inventory their assets so that we can examine all options for distribution of property at death, which could include wills, living trusts, trusts, and other options. We want our clients to gain the maximum benefits of all laws and minimize estate taxes, but also minimize the cost and stress of probate or testamentary transfers. If a probate becomes necessary, we will assist in the probate process which is a court proceeding, formal or informal, through which the will is admitted and the estate of a decedent administered. The probate process includes gathering a decedent’s assets, preparation of Estate tax returns, paying bills and taxes, and distributing assets to heirs.

Elder Law

Elder Law is a part of our firm’s lifetime and estate planning practice. We analyze the financial issues which could include Title XIX/ Medical assistance planning for nursing home costs, gifting of assets, tax notifications, POA and health care POA. In many cases, our firm serves as the resource for other necessary services.